Weddings & Balls do not have to be expensive.
The memories though, are priceless!

Posh Studio has a beautiful selection of dresses available for hire, including
some of our popular styles from the "Simply Elegant" and "A Touch of Class"  as
well as many other collections.

Sizes range from extra small dresses size 6 to plus size gowns size 22.

You can always wear the latest styles at an affordable price. Make our wardrobe

Contact Us today to make an appointment to view our collections.

What do we have?

* As a guide, hire fees are generally half the price of "Made-to-Measure" dress
prices  ( "Simply Elegant"  - hire from only $110.00 each,  "A Touch of Class" -
hire from only $145.00 each) with many other  collections to choose from.

* A refundable bond is required  (normally by holding a credit card detail but
without charging to it).

* Any alterations needed can be arranged on site at the customer's cost.

* Please do not iron, machine or hand wash our dresses prior to return, we have
professionals to do that!

* Fees will apply for late return or damage.

* Standard hire period is 3 days - you pick up the day before and return the day
after the event, if it's a Sunday then please return on the following Monday. Extra
days are charged at $10.00 per day or negotiable if you are travelling to out of
town weddings or functions.

We also offer wedding dresses "First Hire" service - if you are
getting married on a tighter budget, or you would rather
spend more money on other part of your wedding such as
rings, venue, food and drinks, or the honeymoon, yet don't
want to compromise on a "less than ideal" wedding dress,
come to talk to us NOW and see what we can do for you.

* Terms and Conditions apply to all "First Hire" wedding dresses. Come to talk to
us and see if this is a good option for you.
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